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The trek through Andharban is one of the most refreshing treks in the Sahyadri region. The name ‘Andharban’ is a compound word, coming from Andhar, meaning ‘dark’, and ban, which means ‘forest’. Literally the ‘dark forest’, Andharban is a trail through dense overgrowth, with beautiful views of the Devkund waterfall, Plus Valley and the Tamhini Ghat along the way. Scattered throughout with numerous small streams and waterfalls, it is a descending trek – it begins at an elevation of approximately 2,160 feet in the Sahyadri mountains and descends down into the valley, to reach the backwaters of the Bhira Dam.

Trek Details

  • Altitude: 2,160 ft

  • Time taken: 4-5 hours, 13 km

  • Trek gradient: Easy-moderate. Mostly descending trails with a few flat walks.

  • Water sources: None. Carry at least 3 litres of water.

 Andharban Trek we have start early morning after crossing beautiful dark forest. Finally we reach near to Devkund waterfall again the one more beauty of nature.

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